How Viki from Facebook made a HUGE mistake [Iliti: Slučaj “Vinkovačke kurve”]

24 svi.

I will write this post in English, just hoping someone will read this, someone who can reach out to Facebook employees and help us.  Who is “us”?  We are a group of Croatian Community Managers and those that want to educate themselves on this topic, and we feel obliged to follow through the Facebooks “orders”. We work by these  guidelines, we inform others and share help and informations. One day, a moment came we couldn’t help someone in real need. This is what happened:

“Vinkovačke kurve”  happened. Even if you don’t speak Croatian language there would be absolutely no problem with the translation of the 2nd word – whores. This is a Facebook page that was recently opened, and if will be closed by the time you will be reading this, it is full of pictures of minor, and barely adult girls from town called Vinkovci. Girls are mocked by admins of the page, and you can only imagine how it feels to be a lovely young girl that is sharing her pictures with Facebook friends, and ends up on wall of shame, being able do nothing else but cry about it. As you suppose, our  Ministry of Interior Affairs is informed, and they are doing their best to kill the page, but for now, it seems they aren’t making any progress.

Now, imagine yourself to be in a situation like this. If your picture was on a page like this one, and your town had almost a few citizens over 35,000. What would you do? You would hide in the deepest hole in the Earth. At least I would. Going to school would be a nightmare, walking on the street would be shameful and scary, knowing there is almost 3,000 fans of the page and more curious users that saw the pictures. And you would wait for someone to close it.

What happened instead? Newspapers and newsportals started speading the news, and the Facebook page has spread nation-wide…

Articles (in Croatian):–Vinkovcanki-koje-autor-naziva-kurma

As mentioned before, our CM group felt the obligation to report the page, so it would be removed from Facebook asap. I bet Facebook got at least 100 reports and some of the members got a reply from Facebook – from Viki – here is what Viki said:


Thanks for your recent report of a potential violation on Facebook. After reviewing your report, we were not able to confirm that the specific page you reported violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Learn more about what we do and don’t allow by reviewing the Facebook Community Standards:


Obviously, the system is not working.

We are entering the European Union on 1st July this year. Our language is going to be one of the official languages of one of the biggest alliances in the world, ever.  I am appalled by the fact that Viki doesn’t use Google Translate, nor care to protect Facebook users that are exposed to public humiliation.  To make it worse, this Facebook page is not the only one, there are several more pages, only ment for different Croatian cities.

Previously, few cases of suicides were noted, because of this kind of harassment on Facebook – in school and online. If  something like this happens again with one of those girls, it will be on Facebook’s hands.

Facebook, I think it’s time to put more admins that will have a concious and knowledge of using Google Translate, who will let their bosses know that there is a online chaos going on, and that they are responsible to do something about it.
Viki failed.

If you want to contribute to closing this horrible page, please, report it:

Let me add a short personal story on Facebook’s fast reactions:
As you could read above, I am a community manager – I am a manager of 10 Facebook pages, of which I am managing 5 for a living. On Friday afternoon, right before the extended weekend, I asked a question  on Facebook Help pages, and instead of an answer, I got my profile closed.  Why? Can u guess? 🙂
My (real life) surname is LIKER, so I guess Facebook thought I’m a “robot” or something… They didn’t let me use the security protocol check, to see if my account is read, and if I recognize my Facebook friends. I immediately Googled my options, and it said I would have to wait for 24 hours before I’m allowed to do that.  I summoned all my clients and wrote to add my other (private ) Facebook profile (with false last name) ASAP, and they did.  Do I have to write how embarrassed I was? -.-  They gave me the profile back, after almost 2 hours, 2 long hours of total panic.

So yeah, they are fast for silly things like “false” surnames, and when there is something like this case we get “we can’t do anything about it”.

PS. I apologise for all the grammar mistakes, I was writing this during my busy shift so I have no time to read nor think more than to write all this…

Edited on 25th May:  On 24th May, late in the evening by EU time, the Page was finally shut down, thanks to efforts of collegues mentioned previously! Well done you guys!!! 🙂

3 komentara to “How Viki from Facebook made a HUGE mistake [Iliti: Slučaj “Vinkovačke kurve”]”

  1. Franjo Crnkovic 28 svibnja, 2013 u 8:28 am #

    Pročitao još jučer, nisam čuo za taj slučaj. Kako si ti pak došla do toga?


    • anjaliker 29 svibnja, 2013 u 12:57 pm #

      Dragi moj, radim ja puno toga dok tebe nema doma 🙂 :*


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